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This product is suggested for a perfect release of all form liners with low profile.

Product Description
PLASMOSIL – LIQUID VERSION is made of natural oils emulsified in water. The special product composition and the various chemical-physical reactions with the mortar on the casting surface enable the elimination of unaesthetic micro and macro surface blisters from the concrete, improving the overall aesthetic quality.

PLASMOSIL – LIQUID VERSION is a release agent ready for use, to be sprayed, or applied with brush or roller.

Compliant with UNI 8866 standard.

Typical applications
This product can be used for any casting in traditional building sites and in pre-cast.

Transport, storage, yield
• PLASMOSIL – LIQUID VERSION is available in 60 lt, 25 lt drums;
• Store the product at a temperature of more than 10°C;
• Average product yield: 50-60 m2 per liter.
In the case of metal or very smooth surfaces, the yield per liter may even reach 90-100 m2.

Recommendations for use
• Apply a very thin film of product for excellent performances;
• In spray application, it is recommended to keep a distance of 30-40 cm between the nozzle and the formwork surface;
• Do not exceed the suggested dosage; an excessive dosage may affect the good result of the dismantling, and the final appearance of casting surfaces;
• Remove any excessive product with a dry cloth
• A special sprinkler provided with appropriate nozzles is available for the best product application;
• The emulsion, as it is supplied, is stable but sensitive to temperature changes.
Therefore, it is recommended to stir and mix the product before its use.

The use of PLASMOSIL – LIQUID VERSION does not affect the possibility of performing any subsequent treatments, such as: plastering, paint, protective coatings, etc.
It also reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance of formworks, with possible time saving and production increase.

According to their action, release agents may be divided into “physical” and “chemical” release agents. 

PLASMOSIL – LIQUID VERSION is a chemical release agent, and its effectiveness is related to a complex series of actions summarized in the following descriptions.

Release agents in stable inverse emulsion are made of two different well-mixed components:
• The natural oil is the main component, and produces a strong physical release agent action;
• The aqueous solution of active matters, producing the chemical dismantling.

In contact with the formwork, the emulsion water evaporates and allows the mixture of natural oil and active matter with the cement mixture; this property avoids the adhesion of cement mixture to the formwork.

Chemical analysis
PLASMOSIL – LIQUID VERSION is a release agent consisting of raw materials with full natural origin.

Toxicological aspects
PLASMOSIL – LIQUID VERSION is not toxic, not harmful for health and not irritating.

Quality and finishing of concrete
PLASMOSIL – LIQUID VERSION has been specially designed to reduce the formation of micro and macroblisters on surfaces, to improve architectural concrete surface appearance, and the aesthetic quality of concrete in general.


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