категория: АКСЕССУАРЫ
код: P-19


PLASGLUE is a special adhesive, polyurethane-based, single component, moisture-curing. The bonding obtained, elastic medium, it is highly adhesive and tenacious. Unlike the others moisture-curing polyurethane adhesives, PLASGLUE is odourless and free from solvents or thinners high volatility.

• Chemical composition                    Polyurethane prepolymer modified
• Physical aspect                              Red liquid light transparent
• Odour                                           odourless, light-characteristic
• Viscosity RVT                                 2.000 ± 500 m. Pas
                                                       a 23°C gir.6 a 50 gir. Min.
• Open time                                     15-25 min. a 20°C
• Behaviour to                                  Excellent resistance to water, heat and cold
  the weather

For its properties of adhesion and toughness is suitable for bonding wood friezes and cornices, MDF, chipboard, wood pulp, polyurethane, between them and on painted surfaces. Suitable for bonding frames and plasterboard, between them or on surfaces described above. Ideally used for bonding polystyrene with sheet metal, laminates and wood surfaces to get insulating panels (covers industrial buildings ecc.).

• Check in advance that the painted parts to be bonded are free from paraffin or have been used in paints rich in paraffin or similar, which may create anti-adhesive effect to bonding. In these cases it is good to roughen the surface with light sanding.
• Do not smear excessive amounts of adhesive, especially on thin panels to avoid that there may be warping of the panel. In these cases it is good dosing the glue to distant points, avoiding imbalances of the glued surface.
• By reason of the possible and unpredictable deformation of the panel caused also by gluing voltage, check in advance the quality of the product obtained.
• Check in advance the desired bonding.
• Ensure a sufficient humidity over the entire surface to be bonded or vaporize some water.

The PLASGLUE is preserved in suitable environmental conditions (away from sources of heat and direct light temperature of 20-22°C) for around 6 months, in original unopened containers.

• Pack of 500 gr. in plastic bottles with dispenser spout

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