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Self-bearing form liner:
Shaped panel for casting
100 or more reuses
Suitable for hire
Also suitable for climbing systems
Form liners for large panels:
Form liners in material derived from silicon at noble catalysis (FLEXIBLE)
100 reuses
No size limit
Can be used without fixing
New PLASMACEM head office:
Via Div. Folgore 36, Vicenza.

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Form liner for casting in situ:
Form liners in cyclic density polyurethane, fortified by synthetic resins
3 - 100 reuses
Fixing to formworks with glue or screws
Form liner for pre-casting:
Form liners in sintered polyurethane (FLEXIBLE)
50 - 100 reuses
Can be used without fixing

Natural looking beautiful concrete

Concrete has recently become an essential element in the building industry, it is the main ingredient for any civil engineering.

Our Case-History

Review of the PLASMACEM’s best achievement to ensure an end result that it’s state of the art.

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You can find the solution to the problems of building and civil engineering at our headquarters in the city of Palladio, Vicenza.

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